Welcome to PMS Support, this website has a number of objectives. We want our users and members to be able to have access to information relating to a wide range of hotel property management systems. It is our aim to provide unbiased views and information to assist hoteliers in the purchasing of … [Read More...]

Changing the way for you and your business…

For many years hoteliers have made the purchasing of there new property management system based on

- A brief demonstration of the products.
- Sales briefing
- Reference Sites

Now we have the opportunity to change this, to make a more informed decision based on user and member feedback. Our users and members now have the ability to help each other in making the right decision for the correct reasons, after all if we where to buy a new car we would first seek reviews and feedback from other drivers.

Do you have an experience to share with us and our members?

We want to hear from hoteliers who have recently undergone an installation of a New Property Management System good or bad. Share your experiences with our members, helping our viewers and members to make a more informed decision when considering … [Read More...]

Time to Share

Time to Share

This site is committed to the sharing of information with each other, members to members, hotels with hotels.

Without your participation in our forums, case studies, feedback and reviews staff and hoteliers will continue to have to make decisions based on inaccurate information.

Help us to help you.....

We want your thoughts…

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If you would like to feature on our website or an article we want to hear from you.

It may be to promote your own business, share your experiences with other members or an announcement you wish to make.

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